Jennie DeVoe is an independent singer/songwriter with a soulful-blues-americana vibe whom Bonnie Raitt calls, "A great songwriter", while Indie-music' Heidi Drockelman says, "Jennie is a truly unique vocal talent...Her powerhouse voice can stop you in your tracks but it also possesses a sweetness that surges and sears the soul." 

” DeVoe is a performer who connects with her audience like no other. Says Melissa Mayer of the Boone County Sun, "DeVoe's voice is a delicious mix of scratchy blues and sweet low notes. Her music is born of a unique marriage of folk and funk. She sprinkles in rhythm and blues sounds and a few well-chosen covers to create a great live show. She also manages to draw the audience in with her anecdotes and personal stories between each song. It's hard to attend one of DeVoe's shows and not feel like she's your personal friend by the end of the night." 


DeVoe is a prolific writer, with songs stuffed in drawers and often filling up her own voicemail with ideas. Notes Soultracks’ Howard Dukes, “…her songwriting captures the wittiness, world weariness, hope and simple brilliance that is blues music at its best." A fiercely independent artist, DeVoe has declined numerous major label offers, and built a rock-solid career on her own terms. She has produced four studio albums, four live CDs, a Christmas album and a DVD on her own label, Rubin the Cat Records. SonyRED was so impressed with the critically-acclaimed "Strange Sunshine," and "Radiator: The Bristol Sessions," that they offered her a distribution deal, bringing her to many new ears, while still allowing her to retain her artistic freedom. She has been voted Best Local Musical Artist/Group in Indianapolis by NUVO Magazine readers 12 years running, and was named one of Indy's top 50 "Entertainers of the Decade" by The Indianapolis Star.

Attracting fans of all ages, Jennie DeVoe deftly wows audiences of all shapes and sizes. She thrills festival and concert-series goers, one minute having them on their feet and dancing, in the next scooping up their laughter with her “accidental comedy," and in the next hypnotizing them into awed attention with her powerful voice. While DeVoe is at her best in front of a listening audience, she never fails to entertain and captivate with her talent, humor and personality. Notes Melissa Mayer, “DeVoe always provides her audience with an irresistibly good time.” Her live shows are, to quote Ann Arbor, MI DJ, John Bommarito simply “Magic.” No matter the venue, DeVoe makes you feel like you’re in your living room with old friends – “Until,” says NUVO’s Rob Nichols, “she knocks you flat with her amazing voice, and you forget where you are entirely.” Adds Blues Revue Magazine’s Hal Horowitz, “DeVoe's melodic, gutsy songwriting--pushed by a vibrant, multi-hued voice that can shift from a catlike purr to a gospel wail and a snarling rasp within seconds--this under-the-radar singer has the talent to be a major force on either side of the Atlantic.” Singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer confirms, “Jennie DeVoe is an artist that sings with genuine depth, she's strong and powerful and yet willing to be audaciously vulnerable. Jennie DeVoe is unmistakably the real deal.”